Yacht Charter Greek Islands

With the Yatch Charter Greek Island we guarantee you an unforgettable holiday in
the Aegean blue waters. Numerous islands between Turkey and Greece also offer a
wonderful history and culture experience. The Greek islands and the Aegean blue waters will
impress you with its wonderful nature and ancient sites.
Yacht Charter Greek Islands are at your service with standard, luxury, luxury, ultra
luxury, motor yacht, catamaran, sailboat and trawler boat service. 2 to 24 persons can be
accommodated in our yachts with a pleasant, fun and luxurious holiday awaits you.
With our Yatch Charter Greek Island service, you will have a great summer
accompanied by delicious meals and a professional team at yachts consisting of single and
double cabins.

Greece is the country of the old Byzantine Empire, of the Acropolis, of the Gods of Olympia, of Feta cheese and of the famously luxurious Greek Islands. Its capital is Athens, worthy of a visit for its historic monuments, its enchanting streets, the Mediterranean cuisine and its fun nightlife. There are a few small neighbouring islands to the capital that can be visited easily in a day’s voyage however ideally you would spend a whole day at each one, making a yacht charter Greece the perfect choice. Private chartered yacht in Greece and explore around the Greek Cyclades, and the Dodecanese, Saronic and Ionian islands with a private yachts which just adds to the fun on your Mediterranean holiday!

The landscapes are truly unimaginable: enormous rocks, blue seawaters that contrast delightfully with the hot, white sand, picturesque boats, towns with a special charm and of course history, Byzantine architecture and fabulous food. You can’t go to Greece without trying the obligatory Greek salad, the natural yoghurts or without buying a vase or handmade plate.

The destinations for a yacht charter in Greece are different from others in the Mediterranean. With this country being the birth of Mediterranean civilization, it offers a journey through history. The Greek coast and its islands create endless possibilities for enjoying your yacht charter, combining the ancient ruins with the spectacular beaches and a deep turquoise sea.

If you hop between the Greek islands, you can just as easily relax, mooring up in whichever cove or bay takes your fancy, as you can have fun: enjoying the nightlife of one of the more populated islands. One of the more popular Cyclades islands is Mykonos. This island is a key destination for lovers of sailing and luxury tourism alike. Known as the little Ibiza, its capital Chora owes its charm to its white houses and maze-like streets. If you want to visit the biggest island of them all and enjoy food and Greek partying, indulge in your Greek yacht charter and sail to Rhodes. Also be sure not to miss the incredible island of Santorini.

We also suggest that you ask your skipper to sail to your desired destinations and anchorages. Take control on your sailing holiday and go wherever you please, you could visit Lefkas, the Saronics or perhaps the capital of Greece, Athens.

Yacht charter in Greece is a great opportunity for discovering beautiful dive sites and fantastic spots for snorkeling, isolated anchorages, and coastal cities full of kind and welcoming people who look like time hasn’t affected them. There are so many things to see on your yacht charter. The Dodecanese, The Cyclades Islands and the Ionian Islands are just some of the destinations offered by the land of the mythological Gods. The majority of these places in Greece are accessible by gulets, sailing boats and motor yachts. 

If what you are looking for is to enjoy your time without constantly having to look after your boat, explore miles of island, try the Mediterranean cuisine and get to know the Greek culture, the bareboat charter of a yacht in Greece offers you this and much, much more. Think on it no more; discover Greece and its islands aboard the yacht of your choice with a partner, family or friends. Greece is a destination in which you can enjoy a consistently exuberant landscape and a sea temperature that will always be warm enough for taking a dip from your yacht. 

Gulets, Motoryacht, Sailingboats and Catamarans are available for charter in Greek Islands

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